Class of OffBeat Tea Towel

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School’s out for summer, you’ve got your A levels, well done. Now it’s time for the world of work and what better group to be the focus of your ambitions than this lot. We’ve got ‘em all - Ivor Cutler, Maddy Prior, Mike Waterson - what a combo! These guys didn’t attend normal school, they went to the old school, the school of folk. 

Finally, you can make your parents proud by giving them the gift of folk. Drying up is a delight with this Class of OffBeat Tea Towel - a must have. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

It is a peculiarly British thing to have tea towels printed with self portraits of school children at the end of each year. Running the risk of sounding too grand, these tea towels are beautiful and overlooked examples of vernacular folk art. We imagined what it would be liked to have a school tea towel for a graduating year of folk icons. The list of illustrations (done by Mike Hankin) isn’t exhaustive but it’s an homage to OffBeat’s favourite players in the folk scene and this sweet, British tradition.